Carissa Johnsen

Life Coach | Counselor | Speaker

​"I was able to achieve all of the specific goals and intentions created during our first session, including: gaining financial independence, academic achievements, altering the dynamics of my social life, and learning how to prioritize my responsibilities more efficiently. Carissa’s wisdom, insightfulness, and ability of motivation helped me transform my life; and the gratefulness I have for Carissa and everything she has done for me is beyond words."
- Quinn B.


"​Carissa is someone that has helped me regain my confidence in myself. She was able to uncover my true, inner self when I was at my lowest. She has truly taught me to live my life to the fullest and to never let anything set me back. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be on my road to success and accomplishments, the ones I never thought Id achieve."
- Kasia M.

"I know I am probably one out of a thousand, but I am another person whose life she is saving; not helping, but saving. The difference in those two, is the love, patience, energy, time, investment, commitment, hope, sacrifice, vulnerability, selflessness she CONSTANTLY showed me and poured out onto me. This is only a fraction of how much I appreciate her and the effect she has on me."

- Jeanie C.