Business Coach | Speaker

"I’ve had many broken promises with coaching relationships but Carissa exceeds every expectation I’ve had for coaches. I came to her because I wasn’t getting what I needed from my current coach and almost immediately FINALLY gained the traction I desired in my business. I RECEIVED MY FIRST CLIENT WORKING WITH HER!! She promises STRATEGY with mindset and delivers - rather than much of the industry who promise strategy but can only preach mindset and fall through on promises."

- Stephanie M., Money Mindset Mentor

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"As soon as I met Carissa I knew I had to be in her circle. Not only did she inspire the hell out of me, she lit me up in a way I hadn’t ever experienced. She challenged me to do things outside my comfort zone in the most encouraging and supportive way possible (before I was even her client!!).​.. I have done multiple Lives which I put off doing for months, got my first paying client, and have multiple women reaching out to work with me."

- Michelle D., Mindset Coach

Carissa Johnsen