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My approach is holistic in that I firmly believe in the mind, body and spirit connection. When all of these aspects are aligned, we are truly able to live a fulfilled, happy and abundant life. We are all capable and deserving of a beautiful human experience. The difference between those who enjoy it and those who don't is in their ability to make the choice to develop themselves and their mind.

There is a spiritual badass in all of us! When we learn how to show up authentically, trust ourselves and believe in abilities miraculous things can happen. 

I went to school and received my Master's Degree in Psychology so that I could help you find the courage within to make a choice to become the best version of yourself. I am always a student and am dedicated to personal growth and learning everything about what it takes to be the best version of myself, so that I can be the best coach for you and help you design a life of your dreams. 

5 quirky and totally True things about me!

Carissa Johnsen

Life Coach | Counselor | Speaker

Hey Girl! I’m Carissa!

I am a professional life coach, licensed counselor, and speaker, but it wasn’t too long ago that I felt like you probably do right now.

You doubt yourself, your decisions and your future-- constantly over analyzing. You have a hard time asking for what you want, receiving it without feeling guilty, and knowing deeply that you are worthy of it. You firmly clench your airtight grip on what you think life should be like, how it should look or what you should be doing--Girl, you are “shoulding” all over yourself, stop that! Your mind is attacking your sense of self-worth and ability to believe in the woman you want to become and the vision you have for your future. Yet, there is a deep and burning desire within you for a BIGGER and BOLDER existence. There is a woman inside of you that knows what to do. There is a woman inside of you that knows she is capable. There is a woman inside of you who can visualize her dream life, but it feels so out of reach! You are backing down, hiding in the shadows and feeling like you are missing out.  

Ugh, I used to feel the same. Actually, I just perfectly described my life a few years ago! I would suppress myself behind my crippling anxiety--worried about what other people would think, say or do if I spoke my mind, shared my ideas or stood for anything. I would constantly compare myself to my peers, obsessing over my weight, looks, and intelligence. In my relationships, I would never ask for what I deserved because I didn’t want to feel needy. In my early career I experienced disconnection from my accomplishments and felt like it was never enough. I was surrounded by others, but felt so alone. I was just like you and I am still like you! I certainly have difficult days (yes, I am human too), but I have learned how to adjust my mindset, show up energetically powerful and take more courageous action, which lead me to a meaningful, spiritually aligned, and abundant life!

So, coming from someone who has done their own inner work--I can confidently say that the life you want is not only possible, IT IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT TO HAVE IT AND YOU CAN!

Carissa Johnsen is the founder of Carissa Johnsen Coaching. She specializes in helping women love and accept themselves, identify their dreams, bring awareness to what is blocking them from manifesting it and helps them create a step by step plan to make it a reality.

Carissa has been working in the field since 2014 with training in motivational interviewing and other behavioral interventions. She has experience with diverse populations of individuals, and has worked in community mental health settings, collegiate communities and organizations.

Combining insight gained from hitting her own low points and skills as a coach, she supports her clients to discover and express who they truly are, break free from restrictions and design their destiny.

She is a Life Coach, Licensed Counselor, and Speaker. She received both an M.A in Clinical Psychology and a B.A in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University. She currently lives in Chicago Illinois, enjoys being active and has a knack for making people laugh!

Meet Carissa

  1. Lover of early bedtimes 
  2. Shameless weirdo
  3. Crystal enthusiast 
  4. Spontaneous air hip thruster
  5. Recovering perfectionist