My Philosophy

I firmly believe that we are all here to live a fulfilled, happy and abundant life. We are all capable of achieving what is considered the "good life". The difference between those who are experiencing this life and those who are not is in their ability to make the choice. 

I went to school and received my Master's Degree in Psychology so that I can help individuals find the courage within to make a choice to become the best version of themselves. I am dedicated to learning everything about what it takes to achieve greatness in all aspects of life.  

Ultimately, everything I do is to help YOU  ignite the fire within, become liberated from restrictions and craft a life of your dreams to become unstoppable!!

Professional Bio

I am the founder of Carissa Johnsen LLC. I specialize in helping individuals love and accept themselves, identify their dreams, bring awareness to what is blocking them from achieving it and create a step by step plan to make it a reality. 

Combining insight gained from hitting rock bottom and knowledge and skills as a coach, I help my clients discover and express who they truly are, break free from restrictions and design their destiny.

I am an inspirational speaker and life coach and offer an an abundance of knowledge, guidance and motivation to help you become unstoppable.

I received  an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Illinois University and a B.A in Psychology also from Eastern Illinois University. I currently live in Chicago Illinois, enjoy being active  and have a knack for making people laugh!

5 quirky and totally true things about me!

  1. Serious popcorn lover
  2. Shameless sappy romantic
  3. I enjoy dancing spontaneously
  4. Mother earth is my everything
  5. Humor is my vehicle to happiness

About Me

​Who I Am

WELCOME! I’m Carissa!

Many years ago I would sacrifice myself for the sake of what other people might think. I was scared to be true to who I was, express my originality and feel accepted. I never truly embraced my individuality or understood what I wanted out of life! This led me to be consumed by the fear of judgment and disappointing others and I allowed it to completely dictate my every move.

I was left living a life that was not aligned with who I wanted to become. I was simply existing. My life felt empty, stagnant and purposeless. 

Hitting Bottom and Bouncing Back…

I knew something had to change. I needed to learn how to let go of my fears, discover who I was and believe in my capabilities. When I started the process of self discovery, a beautiful life began to unfold. 

I became the REAL ME.. 

I know what it feels like to be stuck, feel worthless, unwanted, rejected, not good enough and simply just not yourself. I also know what it takes to completely transform your life because I DID IT!