Carissa Johnsen

Life Coach | Counselor | Speaker

The goal of coaching is to shift your mindset about the stories you have created regarding what is possible for you. The aim is to unlock the thoughts, feelings, and actions to get you results that you feel good about. Coaching will help you create profound and lasting change to a design a life that feels truly connected with who you are. The work will gracefully support your spirit and allow you to give yourself permission to be exactly who you want to be while simultaneously feeling empowered doing it.

As a coach and a counselor, I have training in tools and strategies to support you and the life experience that gave me perspective and wisdom that relates to you. I have a deep understanding of psychology, behavior, motivation and spiritual insight to assist you in applying this knowledge. You are the expert in your life--I help you discover the solutions, make the mindset shifts and celebrate the transformations.

I feel humbled to have gone through this journey myself, with my coach. I am privileged to be a part of the process, witnessing deep awareness, healing and personal growth. I am certain this is one of the best investments you will make in your lifetime. Fear is the only thing that holds you back. It tells you that there is something to be afraid of, something to worry about, something to run away from. However, it’s when you take action, risk making a fool of yourself or failing that you actually become the person you were meant to be with an amazing life. At all times there is a fearful woman and a spiritual badass within you--who you speak to is the one that answers.

No matter where you are in your journey; if you want to create a deeper sense of love for yourself, improve your relationships, take on a new career or embrace a healthier life, I would love to support you!

There is a beautiful, bodacious babe waiting to burst out--let's meet her!

I have limited spots for one-on-one coaching, so there are only a few for those who are committed to the process.


Coaching is a collaborative relationship focused on transformation. Each person has a role to show up and do so powerfully. The role of the coach is to ask challenging and thought provoking questions to help the client uncover their own beliefs, ideas, and solutions. The role of the client is to be honest, have a willingness to look inward and a desire to take fierce action toward opportunities for growth. A coach is a partner on your journey, an individual that will walk alongside you, and a mirror to reflect back to you a different perspective, a fresh outlook, and a new way of seeing things.