"Carissa Johnsen is one of the most inspiring people I know and her presentation "the f word" was very impactful. Not only is Carissa a dynamic speaker, but also she delivers a message that is relatable for people at all stages of life and is especially beneficial for young people to hear.  I appreciated that Carissa spoke about her personal journey and that she truly embodies what she preaches. Carissa had an incredible way of engaging the audience and made me feel as if she was speaking directly to me. I left this presentation feeling motivated and ready to conquer my fears!" 
-Erika B.

​"A great presentation that was sincere and from the heart. Her bold voice and delivery of the top and message was 100% on point. A Great mixture of seriousness and fun! All of my students feedback the following morning was positive in nature. You can easily tell that she is living her passion..."

-Jake J.

“Carissa's speech definitely surprised me. When you think of the "F" word generally one thing comes to mind. But I was pleasantly surprised when she began talking about what the true F word is. Her speech was not only encouraging but also motivational. It gave me the wake up call I needed to go out and get what I want out of life without any hesitation. If you haven't heard this speech you’re missing out!"
-Ariel O.

“After attending EIU Talks and listening to Ms. Johnsen's presentation, I couldn't help but feel inspired and motivated by her speech. Not only was the delivery of the speech very affective, by using her allusion to the "f-word", but her topic was very relatable; fear. Fear is an emotion that causes some of the most dramatic changes in world history whether it be through war or social structure, and though it is so effective, Johnsen's presentation of what it actually is really put into perspective how fear affects our everyday lives and what we can do to alter it. I feel like presentations such as these do a service to communities because it discusses similarities and allows groups of people feel as though they are one alikeness.”
-Kevin H.

Fear is something that has definitely prevented me from taking advantage of opportunities. Carissa Johnsen's presentation, The F Word, was very inspiring and extremely impactful for me. She was really able to get down to your level, unlike a lot of speakers who make steps to courageous acts seem almost impossible. She was real and honest, and that's the most important thing to me when I hear someone speak. Knowing she was in a similar position and overcame fear is motivating and I left the presentation feeling inspired.

-Marty M.


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The F Word

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