​"My income and DRAMATICALLY increased since working with Carissa. I have signed on my DREAM clients at the prices I want to charge. I have closed $38K in sales in 5 days - something I have NEVER done before. Not to mention, I have 5 sales calls lined up for next week - and it's only the second week of this month. I have completely blown my income goal out of the water - and achieved complete financial freedom. All my debt will be paid off by the end of this month, I am purchasing my FAVORITE pair of Louboutins that I have always dreamed of, booking trips around the world, and test driving my dream Porsche - because I will be ready to purchase one by the end of this year. Working with Carissa has opened up a new world for me. She immediately knows when my energy is off and is able to help me break down my fears. I used to be very stressed and anxious - but her mindset strategies have really taught me how to control my emotions and reactions. She taught me how to set healthy boundaries with myself and my clients - making my life SO much easier as a coach. I used to work from a place of scarcity and she completely changed that for me - allowing me to work when I feel inspired and aligned - and still have time to do the things I love! I am SO amazed at the results I have gotten in my business - and am BEYOND grateful to have found Carissa"

- Mckenzie Y., Business Coach & Speaker

"I started working with Carissa a little less than 2 months ago. I started my coaching business  5 months ago. In the first 4 months after starting my biz I was still struggling to take action, put myself out there, all the things.As soon as I met Carissa I knew I had to be in her circle. Not only did she inspire the hell out of me, she lit me up in a way I hadn’t ever experienced. She challenged me to do things outside my comfort zone in the most encouraging and supportive way possible (before I was even her client!!). She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. I can’t say enough about how much she has changed how I show up in my biz in such a short time. She celebrates every win I have like it’s her own and she is so genuinely invested in me and my success (just as much as I am) and I truly feel like now there is no hurdle too big. I have done multiple Lives which I put off doing for months, got my first paying client, and have multiple women reaching out to work with me. I know this is a result of my own actions, but my work with Carissa is the reason I was able to get to a point where I felt like I could do these things. Savage AF and never looking back!"

- Michelle D., Mindset Coach

"Carissa has been the only business coach (of the many I’ve worked with) who really wants to see you grow and change and come along this wild ride of entrepreneurship with her. I’ve had many broken promises with coaching relationships but Carissa exceeds every expectation I’ve had for coaches. I came to her because I wasn’t getting what I needed from my current coach and almost immediately FINALLY gained the traction I desired in my business. I RECEIVED MY FIRST CLIENT WORKING WITH HER!! She promises STRATEGY with mindset and delivers - rather than much of the industry who promise strategy but can only preach mindset and fall through on promises. Carissa has not only been a game-changer for me + my business, but a game-changer in the coaching industry as a whole. I can’t stress enough how much she actually delivers on what she says she is going to provide, which is hard to come by in the industry. She is ahhhhh-mazing all around."
- Stephanie M., Money Mindset Mentor

"Carissa initially became a part of my life as a co-worker. However, throughout our time working together, Carissa has become a friend, role model, and inspiration. Both within her relationships with our team..., Carissa continually shows up with authenticity and compassion. Her dedication to her clients and self is evident. She has inspired and encouraged me to take risks personally & professionally, to be confident, and to live in a world of endless possibilities. Carissa is a talented coach, with a drive to help people transform their lives. If you're looking to change your thinking and create new outcomes for yourself, do not pass up an opportunity to work with Carissa- it would be a huge disservice to your future self."

- Kyla C., Learning Coach, EDGE Learning & Wellness Community

 "Carissa Johnsen is one of the most inspiring people I know and her presentation "the f word" was very impactful. Not only is Carissa a dynamic speaker, but also she delivers a message that is relatable for people at all stages of life and is especially beneficial for young people to hear. I appreciated that Carissa spoke about her personal journey and that she truly embodies what she preaches. Carissa had an incredible way of engaging the audience and made me feel as if she was speaking directly to me. I left this presentation feeling motivated and ready to conquer my fears!" 
- Erika M., Internship Coordinator, Benedictine University

​"A great presentation that was sincere and from the heart. Her bold voice and delivery of the top and message was 100% on point. A Great mixture of seriousness and fun! All of my students feedback the following morning was positive in nature. You can easily tell that she is living her passion..."
- Jake J., Teacher and Coach, Reavis High School

“After attending EIU Talks and listening to Ms. Johnsen's presentation, I couldn't help but feel inspired and motivated by her speech. Not only was the delivery of the speech very effective, by using her allusion to the "f-word", but her topic was very relatable; fear. Fear is an emotion that causes some of the most dramatic changes in world history whether it be through war or social structure, and though it is so effective, Johnsen's presentation of what it actually is really put into perspective how fear affects our everyday lives and what we can do to alter it. I feel like presentations such as these do a service to communities because it discusses similarities and allows groups of people feel as though they are one alikeness.”
- Kevin H., Student, Eastern Illinois University

Business Coach | Speaker

Carissa Johnsen