Carissa Johnsen

Business Coach | Speaker

"Carissa is not only a remarkable life coach, but a compassionate and caring human being. She encompasses this unique ability to understand your life/career challenges and break them down into manageable goals, all while being considerate of your personal setbacks. She does an incredible job at helping you narrow down your true interests and using this information to build an achievable game plan to help better your current work situation, personal life, relationships, etc. Without Carissa I’m convinced I wouldn’t have challenged myself to start my own company. I’m extremely thankful for everything Carissa has done and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking life/career guidance!"
- Josh S., President, Go2Group​​

"Carissa has been amazing in helping me find relief in my life. She is very prompt at responding to my messages, and was such great help to me in our in-person and phone sessions. She has great insight from an objective point of view. Within my first 1 hour session, we were able to establish a realistic game plan of how to begin tackling my anxiety that I struggle with - and provided suggestions on how to structure my thoughts and how to prepare for our next session. All of this, while still being extremely personable, compassionate, and friendly. I have seen other mental health professionals in the past but have never felt as understood, accepted, and positively changed until working with Carissa. Highly recommend!"
- Bridget S., Sport Scientist, Gatorade

"Carissa initially became a part of my life as a co-worker. However, throughout our time working together, Carissa has become a friend, role model, and inspiration. Both within her relationships with our team and our students, Carissa continually shows up with authenticity and compassion. Her dedication to her students, clients, and self is evident. She has inspired and encouraged me to take risks personally & professionally, to be confident, and to live in a world of endless possibilities. Carissa is a talented coach, with a drive to help people transform their lives. If you're looking to change your thinking and create new outcomes for yourself, do not pass up an opportunity to work with Carissa- it would be a huge disservice to your future self."

- Kyla C., Site Coordinator, Communities in Schools

 "Carissa Johnsen is one of the most inspiring people I know and her presentation "the f word" was very impactful. Not only is Carissa a dynamic speaker, but also she delivers a message that is relatable for people at all stages of life and is especially beneficial for young people to hear. I appreciated that Carissa spoke about her personal journey and that she truly embodies what she preaches. Carissa had an incredible way of engaging the audience and made me feel as if she was speaking directly to me. I left this presentation feeling motivated and ready to conquer my fears!" 
- Erika M., Internship Coordinator, Benedictine University

​"A great presentation that was sincere and from the heart. Her bold voice and delivery of the top and message was 100% on point. A Great mixture of seriousness and fun! All of my students feedback the following morning was positive in nature. You can easily tell that she is living her passion..."
- Jake J., Teacher and Coach, Reavis High School

“After attending EIU Talks and listening to Ms. Johnsen's presentation, I couldn't help but feel inspired and motivated by her speech. Not only was the delivery of the speech very effective, by using her allusion to the "f-word", but her topic was very relatable; fear. Fear is an emotion that causes some of the most dramatic changes in world history whether it be through war or social structure, and though it is so effective, Johnsen's presentation of what it actually is really put into perspective how fear affects our everyday lives and what we can do to alter it. I feel like presentations such as these do a service to communities because it discusses similarities and allows groups of people feel as though they are one alikeness.”
- Kevin H., Student, Eastern Illinois University