Spiritual Guide, Life & Business Oracle, & Energy Medicine Facilitator

International Spiritual Guide, Leadership Advisor to public figures & high performers

You're not wealthy, if you're not healthy.

I'm here to guide the Leaders of the world to HEAL the parts of themselves that got sacrificed on their way to the top.

So you can feel soulfully alive once again.



You achieved society's version of "success".


It's time to be the best in your industry AND feel your best.


are your birthright.


We can create a world where those with the greatest influence, wealth and power are prioritizing WHOLENESS & LEADING the world into true prosperity.

shamanic healer life and leadership advisor transformational speaker
Work with Carissa

Leadership isn’t about you impacting one person, but the

that you leave behind.

"If there’s one thing Carissa knows, it’s the ability to tap into her gifts as an intuitive and build a life filled with full-body f*ck-YES energy. Her journey was not necessarily linear, as is nobody’s entrepreneurial path. Hers led her deep into healing which uncovered her truth, divine gifts, and purpose in the world. Today, she is a testament of her work. A fully embodied teacher, successful mentor, Author of multiple best-selling books to come, and the list goes on…"


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